11 Things To Do Before Publishing Story Into Your Blog

Posted on June 30, 2007 
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As a blogger, you write a lot of posts - many a time, you edit them again after publishing. Atleast, I do

Sometimes, you forget the most important - and then go back and edit. So, here’s a checklist to help you out:

Read twice. If you think you can write something better, do it. Seems you’ve messed up? Write later. Cut short the unwanted.
Spell Check.

Double check to see if the links on your post are working. It’s really bad if a reader sees a 404 page when he clicks on a link that’s necessary to understand your article better.

If you have included images, ask yourself if the image is really needed for the post. If not, remove it. If you haven’t added any pictures, ask again to yourself if the post needs any.

Make sure you have put the ALT and TITLE tags in images into good use.

Check whether you’ve tagged/categorized the post. Ask yourself whether the selected category is the most suitable one for the post.

If you have any plugins like the UTW, or other meta description plugins, fill them with relevant keywords. Also, is post title filled with good keywords?

Don’t miss to use the teaser to display only the post excerpt and to increase page views. Edit: This may also help in reducing the �duplicate content’ penalty. Plus, this may also offer your readers a chance to select an article of their choice and read it peacefully, rather than waiting for long posts to load on your blog’s homepage.

If you’re modifying the post slug, add some appropriate keywords. Don’t stuff the irrelevant.

Writing your opinion on a news piece? Don’t forget to mention the source, if any.

Another tip: Link to an old post of yours if it’s relevant to your current post. Many bloggers don’t do this, but deeplinking to your own posts is good for your blog.

Source: http://blog.shankarganesh.com/2007/06/25/blogging-tip-11-things-to-do-before-you-hit-the-publish-button/#more-187


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  1. Eric on July 27th, 2007 6:30 pm

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title ings To Do Before Publishing Story Into Your Blog : Face of Hidden Knowledge of promoting saites. Thanks for informative article

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