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Meizu MiniOne: Best Clone For iPhone

Meizu MiniOne M8

We all know the Chinese can get rather, erm, ignorant about legal cloning issues and the Meizu's miniOne M8 takes the cake for being an iPhone wannabe. Whether the Cupertino lawyers are going to take this one down is another story. Blogger Rick Martin gives his take on the miniOne M8 in his recent post. What we really like is the purported lower pricing. It's approximately US$263 and US$328 for the 4GB and 8GB models, respectively. And the best part? It's not tied to a darn operator.

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Nokia Says: iPhone Bad!

iPhone is a bad thing!

Jonas Geust, VP of Multimedia Computers Department

Who would have thought Nokia doesn't like what the iPhone ended up to be? I was one of the guys that had at least a small suspicion that they don't really have a soft spot for Apple's cellphone. No wonder because they haven't taken an official statement regarding that device since it was unveiled during the
Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld, in the beginning of January.

Why are they saying the iPhone is no good? Because, as Jonas Geust the VP of the Mobile Computers Department from Nokia has said in a phone conversation with Tim Long, an analyst working for the Bank of America, not many people will think the iPhone is the ideal mobile phone.

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See backlinks with pagerank

Here is a tool that lets you check your backlinks.

Nothing special with that, but the good part is that it also shows the pagerank of the website that your links are on.

Truly a must test for those who never tried, check it out here:

Backlink checker with Pagerank

Enjoy! ;)