Ranking Changes At Yahoo?

Yesterday Aaron Wall noticed some big changes in the usually slow moving Yahoo rankings.

- botching part of a sitewide 301 redirect that they had followed for months - now both sites rank, but each ranks well for some portion of the queries
- a bit more weight on domain names

I haven

The Importance of Domain Names for Effective SEO

A well-defined domain name can provide tremendous advantages for an online business, including the added benefit of boosting performance in the search engines. Simple, easily-recognized domains convey professionalism and trust to search engine users. Just as important, however, is the fact that businesses can extend their reach in the search engines through a generic domain name, or through a domain that uses a country specific extension (see Country Code Top Level Domains below) to provide localized results to potential customer.

Country Code Top Level Domains (CCTLDs)

Google and other search engines have several Web sites for each country code, such as google.co.uk or google.co.in. These specific domains have been created for localized search, and in many cases they are the

Is Yahoo building a social network?

Google has Orkut, News Corp. has MySpace and Facebook has been linked to just about everyone as the mergers and acquisitions frenzy continues. But Yahoo! may be striking out to find its own online friends. The portal is building a social networking site that pairs college students with potential employers, according to a report in TechCrunch.

Known as Yahoo Kickstart, the site is something of a LinkedIn competitor with a twist. Users are free to join and put up resume-style pages, while companies can join groups provided that they bring at least one former student who works at the company.

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Intelligent Blogging

"We, the humans, are creatures of habit, and our lives are ruled by it"

From the toothpaste we use to the choice of underwear we wear, we never let our habits change easily. Even when we know that the only thing that is constant in this world is 'change', we find it hard to get accustomed to some things.

So you might be asking what relationship does this have with blogging? Agree or not - we are caged by our own minds and hence we never dare to think out of the box. Just check out the list below and note the number of items you qualify for:

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5 Reasons I Stopped Reading Your Blog

We all know how hard it is to get more RSS subscribers on your blog. There are plethora of ways and means to increase readers but the biggest trick is to hold on to them. I have seen stats go up and down, slowly creeping upwards without a really good reason for it. From a personal perspective I listed my top 5 reasons why I unsubscribed from [insert random name] blog. Please feel free to leave a comment telling us your main reason to drop a feed and no longer visit that blog. Us bloggers might learn a thing or two.

1) Oh, so you have a life now?

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How SEO Confronts Its PR Challenge In The Blogosphere

Some SEOs got upset with me for appearing to unfairly perpetuate negative perceptions of SEO — but if my post was a mistake, it was an honest one (I posted a correction). The point I’ve been trying to make to the SEO community, not always successfully, is that because they live in a black box, SEO’s PR challenge involves correcting a lot of misperceptions. Many of those misperceptions are unfair, but they are not always intentionally malicious — and they exist among potential SEO clients, like me

UPDATE: Speaking of great search ambassadors, Google’s Matt Cutts showed up on my original post and all but confirmed that my example is likely a problem in Google’s algorithm, although it’s pending investigation. Matt said that if it does turn out to be a problem in the algorithm, it could lead to a larger fix, which would certainly be a happy ending to this tale.

In the PR sphere of blogging, I’ve seen SEOs take two very different approaches:

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