11 Things To Do Before Publishing Story Into Your Blog

As a blogger, you write a lot of posts - many a time, you edit them again after publishing. Atleast, I do

Sometimes, you forget the most important - and then go back and edit. So, here’s a checklist to help you out:

Read twice. If you think you can write something better, do it. Seems you’ve messed up? Write later. Cut short the unwanted.
Spell Check.

Double check to see if the links on your post are working. It’s really bad if a reader sees a 404 page when he clicks on a link that’s necessary to understand your article better.

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What Do Visitors See When They Arrive At Your Blog?

You have seconds to make a good first impression. That first glance might make all the difference between a subscription and the loss of a return visitor.

Design makes a big difference, as in colours and graphics, but layout could make the biggest difference. What you put and where. Today’s tip: 10 minute blog tweaks that make a good first impression.

Your first job is to download and install the Firefox Web Developer plugin. This allows you to view your blog in various resolutions. Set it to 800?600, 1024?768 etc.

What do you see? Anything on screen without requiring scrolling is considered “above the fold”. This is a phrase inherited from the newspaper industry. Anything above the fold is most likely to be seen and therefore is where you want important content.

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How Long Is Your Tail?

The “long tail” is a term you will soon be hearing in SEO circles soon.

Before I get into the SEO implication let me talk a bit about the history of the concept.
The term “long tail” was coined by Chris Anderson, a writer at Wired magazine, who says that the collective demand for less-popular items (micro niches) can exceed the all the most popular added together.

Online music stores are a perfect illustration of “the long tail” as they can carry large inventories of music albums as they are not limited by shelf space like conventional brick and mortar stores.
Shelf space in a brick and mortar store has a price, and if the items on the shelf aren’t converting enough, you will need to replace the existing items with other items that convert better.

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Tools That Every Webmaster Should Have

As an online marketer, there are a number of tools that every webmaster should have in their toolbox. Here's a list of some of the top sites you'll want to put in your bookmarks. "WhoNu", WhoNu is the ultimate online search tool. This tool was created by an innovative thinker named Derek Franklin. His tool allows you to tap into multiple search engines.

You can search directories, discussion groups, forums, images, audio clips, podcasts, sound effects, music clips, film trailers, flash movies and news.
Search for unique files such as pdf's, word documents and powerpoint presentations
Discover facts, secrets, tips, faq's, how to's, and a multitude of article sources.

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Google’s Expansion Is Coming At A Price: It’s Losing Its Popularity

As the world’s biggest search engine starts to compete with old media it risks becoming the �Microsoft of the internet’. Richard Wachman reports.

Is Google becoming the new Microsoft? On one level, the question is preposterous, as the two companies do different things. Google is the most widely used internet search engine and dominates online advertising. Microsoft rules the world of computer operating systems: its ubiquitous Windows powers most of the world’s personal computers. In addition, Microsoft has a commanding position in basic office software, such as word-processing and spreadsheets.

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Great SEO Tips

The world wide web is a highly competitive market. Companies vie for the attention of billions of internet users in the search for better revenue. A lynch pin to the internet marketing war is the search engine.

Search engines are internet venues where billions of people congregate to search for information. The most prominent search engine giants are Google and Yahoo. The kind of traffic these dot-com companies receive per hour is phenomenal.

So naturally, companies would gravitate towards placing their links and sites in an attempt to garner more visits to their web sites.

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