What it is necessary to make before purchase?
Before fulfilment of purchase necessarily read the following information.
The software is distributed by copies. Each copy can be established on one certain domain. The code of a program complex is distributed in the coded kind, that is you get only the license for use of the given product.

Some technical moments.
The system is created for work only with English-speaking materials. For work are required:
Apache with support mod_rewrite
Access to .htaccess to files
Please, make purchase only at the consent with all set forth above.

How to make purchase?
For fulfilment of purchase choose that variant which to you most of all approaches (Stardart, Professional and Advansed). Click on the product chosen you, you will proceed on our protected server where can pay your copy then you can at once downloads or order to yourselves CD with the chosen complete set of the software.

For purchase of two and more complete sets address in a department of sales.

How it is possible to earn money, using your product?
There is a boundless number of opportunities of use of a program complex. You can create a news portal to collect community of the interested visitors; to place on a site advertising of own business or to sell the space to other companies; earn money, participating in program Google Adsence or others similar advertising projects. Know that each version of our products, it is various and consists of different programs.

If I shall buy one license for use SSIN SEO, whether it will be possible to establish system more than on one site or the domain?
No. Each license for use SSIN SEO allows you to establish only one version of system on one site or the domain. To use SSIN SEO in other places, it will be necessary to get additional licenses. To learn(find out) the exact information on the prices, read the appropriate sections of our site.

How you can pay?
You can pay a complex practically any way and any currency of the world.

What system requirements?
- PHP4 and never version
- Apache
Modules Apache:
Access to .htaccess to files
Such requirements are answered by anyone paid and even free-of-charge hosting

What hosting is preferable?
In an ideal it is usual paid hosting though can approach and free-of-charge hosting with support PHP and Apache.

How technical support is carried out?
In section Contacts contact a technical department of our company.

Whether probably to integrate system in already existing site?
Yes, practically in all cases it is possible to build system SSIN SEO in already existing site.

How there will be a updating system?
All clients who will get SSIN SEO all versions can receive new versions of the program absolutely free during one year. Updating will be sent to you on e-mail the address.

What to make, if I have found out a mistake or the system works is faulty?
Write the letter in our technical department, inform your problem.

If you have any questions not considered here contact us through section contacts.