Meizu MiniOne: Best Clone For iPhone

Posted on July 2, 2007 
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Meizu MiniOne M8

We all know the Chinese can get rather, erm, ignorant about legal cloning issues and the Meizu's miniOne M8 takes the cake for being an iPhone wannabe. Whether the Cupertino lawyers are going to take this one down is another story. Blogger Rick Martin gives his take on the miniOne M8 in his recent post. What we really like is the purported lower pricing. It's approximately US$263 and US$328 for the 4GB and 8GB models, respectively. And the best part? It's not tied to a darn operator.

Meizu MiniOne M8

If you thought the only thing going for the Meizu MiniOne was the fact that it looks like an iPhone, well, you'd be wrong. The recently released specs show that it's actually got a lot of stuff going for it besides its software design.

The MiniOne will have a 533Mhz Samsung processor, 128MB of DDR SDRAM, TFT touchscreen, 720x480 resolution, 3-megapixel back camera, 0.3-megapixel front camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DMB TV Tuner, GPS, video output, AVI/MPEG4/WMV support, and a 4GB to 16GB size.

The best part? It's only going to be about $260 for the 4GB version and $450 for the 16GB version. Are you excited yet? I am.

Now, when comparing the design of the Apple iPhone and the Meizu Minione... well, let's just be kind and say if imitation is, indeed, the greatest form of flattery, then Apple is feeling pretty flattered right now!

Check the side-by-side comparison:

Meizu MiniOne M8

Now, I know there are a lot of cheap Chinese knockoffs out there. I wrote about a cheap iPhone knockoff already. But before anyone jumps the gun and groups the Minione in with those cheap Chinese i-Wannabees, you might want to take a look at the specs:

Meizu MiniOne M8


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