Meizu MiniOne: Best Clone For iPhone

Posted on July 2, 2007 
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Meizu MiniOne M8

We all know the Chinese can get rather, erm, ignorant about legal cloning issues and the Meizu's miniOne M8 takes the cake for being an iPhone wannabe. Whether the Cupertino lawyers are going to take this one down is another story. Blogger Rick Martin gives his take on the miniOne M8 in his recent post. What we really like is the purported lower pricing. It's approximately US$263 and US$328 for the 4GB and 8GB models, respectively. And the best part? It's not tied to a darn operator.

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Nokia Says: iPhone Bad!

Posted on July 2, 2007 
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iPhone is a bad thing!

Jonas Geust, VP of Multimedia Computers Department

Who would have thought Nokia doesn't like what the iPhone ended up to be? I was one of the guys that had at least a small suspicion that they don't really have a soft spot for Apple's cellphone. No wonder because they haven't taken an official statement regarding that device since it was unveiled during the
Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld, in the beginning of January.

Why are they saying the iPhone is no good? Because, as Jonas Geust the VP of the Mobile Computers Department from Nokia has said in a phone conversation with Tim Long, an analyst working for the Bank of America, not many people will think the iPhone is the ideal mobile phone.

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How SEO Confronts Its PR Challenge In The Blogosphere

Posted on June 30, 2007 
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Some SEOs got upset with me for appearing to unfairly perpetuate negative perceptions of SEO — but if my post was a mistake, it was an honest one (I posted a correction). The point I’ve been trying to make to the SEO community, not always successfully, is that because they live in a black box, SEO’s PR challenge involves correcting a lot of misperceptions. Many of those misperceptions are unfair, but they are not always intentionally malicious — and they exist among potential SEO clients, like me

UPDATE: Speaking of great search ambassadors, Google’s Matt Cutts showed up on my original post and all but confirmed that my example is likely a problem in Google’s algorithm, although it’s pending investigation. Matt said that if it does turn out to be a problem in the algorithm, it could lead to a larger fix, which would certainly be a happy ending to this tale.

In the PR sphere of blogging, I’ve seen SEOs take two very different approaches:

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11 Things To Do Before Publishing Story Into Your Blog

Posted on June 30, 2007 
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As a blogger, you write a lot of posts - many a time, you edit them again after publishing. Atleast, I do

Sometimes, you forget the most important - and then go back and edit. So, here’s a checklist to help you out:

Read twice. If you think you can write something better, do it. Seems you’ve messed up? Write later. Cut short the unwanted.
Spell Check.

Double check to see if the links on your post are working. It’s really bad if a reader sees a 404 page when he clicks on a link that’s necessary to understand your article better.

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What Do Visitors See When They Arrive At Your Blog?

Posted on May 30, 2007 
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You have seconds to make a good first impression. That first glance might make all the difference between a subscription and the loss of a return visitor.

Design makes a big difference, as in colours and graphics, but layout could make the biggest difference. What you put and where. Today’s tip: 10 minute blog tweaks that make a good first impression.

Your first job is to download and install the Firefox Web Developer plugin. This allows you to view your blog in various resolutions. Set it to 800?600, 1024?768 etc.

What do you see? Anything on screen without requiring scrolling is considered “above the fold”. This is a phrase inherited from the newspaper industry. Anything above the fold is most likely to be seen and therefore is where you want important content.

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How Long Is Your Tail?

Posted on April 10, 2007 
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The “long tail” is a term you will soon be hearing in SEO circles soon.

Before I get into the SEO implication let me talk a bit about the history of the concept.
The term “long tail” was coined by Chris Anderson, a writer at Wired magazine, who says that the collective demand for less-popular items (micro niches) can exceed the all the most popular added together.

Online music stores are a perfect illustration of “the long tail” as they can carry large inventories of music albums as they are not limited by shelf space like conventional brick and mortar stores.
Shelf space in a brick and mortar store has a price, and if the items on the shelf aren’t converting enough, you will need to replace the existing items with other items that convert better.

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