Tools That Every Webmaster Should Have

Posted on April 10, 2007 
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As an online marketer, there are a number of tools that every webmaster should have in their toolbox. Here's a list of some of the top sites you'll want to put in your bookmarks. "WhoNu", WhoNu is the ultimate online search tool. This tool was created by an innovative thinker named Derek Franklin. His tool allows you to tap into multiple search engines.

You can search directories, discussion groups, forums, images, audio clips, podcasts, sound effects, music clips, film trailers, flash movies and news.
Search for unique files such as pdf's, word documents and powerpoint presentations
Discover facts, secrets, tips, faq's, how to's, and a multitude of article sources.

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Google’s Expansion Is Coming At A Price: It’s Losing Its Popularity

Posted on April 9, 2007 
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As the world’s biggest search engine starts to compete with old media it risks becoming the �Microsoft of the internet’. Richard Wachman reports.

Is Google becoming the new Microsoft? On one level, the question is preposterous, as the two companies do different things. Google is the most widely used internet search engine and dominates online advertising. Microsoft rules the world of computer operating systems: its ubiquitous Windows powers most of the world’s personal computers. In addition, Microsoft has a commanding position in basic office software, such as word-processing and spreadsheets.

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Great SEO Tips

Posted on April 9, 2007 
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The world wide web is a highly competitive market. Companies vie for the attention of billions of internet users in the search for better revenue. A lynch pin to the internet marketing war is the search engine.

Search engines are internet venues where billions of people congregate to search for information. The most prominent search engine giants are Google and Yahoo. The kind of traffic these dot-com companies receive per hour is phenomenal.

So naturally, companies would gravitate towards placing their links and sites in an attempt to garner more visits to their web sites.

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5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

Posted on April 9, 2007 
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Today I am going to write about 5 most common mistakes made when optimising your site for the search engines like google, yahoo or If you are new to SEO do study them carefully and the search engines will love your site and rank it high in the results. But there are plenty of mistakes to be made, so don not be the one who is making them. Without further talking, let us go straight to the 5 most common SEO mistakes:

1. Using duplicate content This is quite a common mistake. You start a blog or a website, make a few posts or some sub pages. But now you’re getting too lazy to continue writing unique content (don not worry, happens lots of times to me too). And now you start copying text from other sites and putting it on your page. This is a NO-NO for google or other search engines. It will lower your page rank, lower your ranking for keywords related to your website and eventually ban you from the results altogether. So stay away from duplicate content.

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Bloggers As An Invaluable Communications Channel

Posted on March 30, 2007 
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If you’re a blogger with a decent readership and a prominent search engine ranking, you’ve probably encountered someone like me. Someone who sends you emails asking you to write something nice about one of my clients.

If you’ve got a huge readership you probably get a truck load of these requests.


PRs already have access to huge databases (formal and informal) of pretty much all the media in their country/market that could write about the client. Most of them have to speak with the media and have good relationships with them as well.

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See backlinks with pagerank

Posted on March 12, 2007 
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Here is a tool that lets you check your backlinks.

Nothing special with that, but the good part is that it also shows the pagerank of the website that your links are on.

Truly a must test for those who never tried, check it out here:

Backlink checker with Pagerank

Enjoy! ;)

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